Baseball Scholarships for Australians

Below you will find the information needed to obtain a college baseball scholarship within the United States. If you have any unanswered questions send us an email so we can help you start your college baseball career.




College Baseball Conferences

  • National Collegiate Athletic Association - NCAA

    • Division 1

    • Division 2

    • Division 3

  • National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics - NAIA

  • United State Collegiate Athletic Association - USCAA

  • National Junior College Athletic Association - NJCAA

  • National Club Baseball Association - NCBA

MLB Draft Eligibility by Conference

  • NCAA - after the junior year is completed or the age of 21 is reached. (holds true for Division 1,2 &3)

  • NAIA - any year

  • USCAA - any year

  • NJCAA - after freshman or sophomore year

  • NCBA - after any year

How to Obtain a College Baseball Scholarship

  1. Produce a highlight tape of your baseball skills and abilities.

  2. Post highlight tape to online recruiting websites.

  3. Email as many college coaches as possible your highlight tape.

  4. Contact Aussie Baseball for help connecting with college baseball coaches.

Collegiate Summer Baseball

  • There are about 65 different college summer ball leagues around the United States.

  • Leagues are reserved for baseball players currently enrolled in college and playing baseball.

  • Collegiate summer baseball is played with wooden bats.

  • Placement in a collegiate summer baseball league is achieved by working with your university or junior college coach.

  • Length of season - early June to early August.

  • List of all collegiate summer baseball leagues.